… with this one simplistically beautiful opening line to the single, ARTPOP, I could reluctantly say it sums up the experience of Lady Gaga’s new album will give you as it’s just not that easy.

How do you define the meaning of life in one sentence? You can’t, you simply can’t just use a handle full of words to summarise such an epic question! The same applies to the new album from this Goddess of innovation, vision, inspiration, re-invention and absolute brilliance…

It’s been exactly 2 and 1/2 years since the release of Gaga’s Born This Way bible of deliciously life changing melodies that infected her already devout cult-esque fan base. As a self-professed dedicated ‘Little Monster’, I have experienced many self defining moments with Lady Gaga’s music, art, fashion, film and social commentary so much so that I would not be who I am today without her artistic influence. So one might argue that what I’m about to declare is biased and one-sided but as Australian I like to think that I have the ability to step out of the box and see all multiple perspectives on issues, especially one as hot and controversial as Lady Gaga but I can safely say….THIS IS THE HOLY GRAIL! She has yet again dominated POP CULTURE with a myriad of tunes that stand loud and proud not only with their base, beat and bounce but due to Gaga’s ingenious ability to redefine your existence with her beautifully constructed lyrics.

Creating somewhat of a new sound with her 15 track album, each song screams wild creativity and  provocative sexuality. The subject matter focuses more on self discovery through fashion inspiration (“Donatella”), sexual experiences (“Sexxx Dreams”), passion (“Applause”) and staying true to who you are (“Aura”)! You’ll fine yourself going inside your psyche and applying every word to your life and feel her light a fire under your ass to start dancing, go forth with artistically fuelled eyes to improve yourself and the world.

ARTPOP promotes the creation of art by always finding chances to be self expressive. Poetically factoring in her Botticelli infused Venus driven look as the Goddess of Love along with her album cover classically designed by the one and only great POP CULTURE king Jeff Koons, has turned the entire album into an art gallery. She has innovatively simultaneously released the ARTPOP App to enhance the Gaga experience. Something that could’ve potentially been an epic fail due to lack of purpose! But simply by downloading ARTPOP and searching through the options and avenues it has to help you create your own art and share it with fellow Gaga worshipers on a live streaming page. PURE GENIUS GAGA! But hey would expect anything less from this entrepreneurial queen?

So please indulge your soul in this epic revolution, Lady Gaga’s new installment to the art exhibition that is her life!

So in the words of this fine woman ”Dance, Sex, ARTPOP

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